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A Redeveloped Office Building Is the Heart of Amsterdam’s Hot New District

Tourists will always want to visit Amsterdam's tried and true attractions, but establishing a buzzy new district is a smart way to keep visitors around longer.

4 days ago

Amsterdam Mayor Can’t Blunt Overtourism Visitor Boom

Many destinations around the world would love to have Amsterdam's problem -- too much tourism. But that doesn't reduce the complexities in finding a workable balance between maintaining a nice way of life for residents and attracting tourism dollars. In Amsterdam, the inherent conflict will lead to something new. We just don't know what that is yet.

4 weeks ago

Revamped Amsterdam Neighborhood Lures Hipsters and Tourists

The redevelopment of Amsterdam Noord reflects a trend in Europe and beyond where districts are turning old warehouses into housing and opening hipster attractions to tap into growing urbanization.

2 months ago

Airbnb Working With Over 100 Cities on Tax Agreements and Regulations

Following what happened in Berlin, Airbnb is going on an all-out charm offensive in an effort to woo more cities in Europe and elsewhere into forming tax collection agreements like the ones it has with cities such as Paris and Amsterdam.

5 months ago

New CityHub Brand Attempts to Fill Void Between Hostels and Hotels

CityHub is taking the best of capsule hotels and combining this with learnings that smart hostel companies like Generator have gleaned over the past two years.

11 months ago

Dutch City Reimagines the European Central Train Station

The wildy inventive design at Arnhem Central helps position the city as more than just a mere transfer point for people enroute to Amsterdam.

11 months ago

Uber’s Amsterdam Office Is Raided Yet Again By Authorities

Amsterdam has been a leader when it comes to working with disruptors such as Airbnb and Uber. But it also doesn't put up with the type of nonsense Uber specializes in when it's trying to bend the rules.

1 year ago

Airbnb Works With Amsterdam to Collect Taxes, Clarify Rules

The new relationship shifts some of the responsibility of informing and educating hosts to Airbnb, which can use its platform to ensure they comply. This is a model that will likely be copied in other markets looking to legitimize the short-term rental economy.

2 years ago

Tourists in Amsterdam Warned About ‘Extremely Dangerous’ Cocaine

Tourists are often an easy target for crime as they're unfamiliar with the customs and products of a destination. Amsterdam is doing the best it can to raise awareness of the problem.

2 years ago

The Dutch Are Turning an Amsterdam-Area Bike Path Into Solar Panel Canvas

Cities worldwide are getting smarter about public transportation and test pilots like these lead the way to systems that are easier to use and more energy efficient.

2 years ago

Interview: How Netherlands Tourism Is Luring Visitors Out of Amsterdam

The Netherlands' challenge of getting tourists out of the capital and into the countryside is one that several European destinations can understand. Identifying different market's primary interests in the first step in wooing them away from the big city.

2 years ago

Amsterdam Legitimizes Airbnb with New Short-Term Rental Rules

Although Amsterdam's new legislation will serve as a role model for other cities struggling to understand the new lodging model, every city is unique and will need to define the sharing economy on its own terms.

3 years ago