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New Meetings Industry Forecast Reveals a Need for Better Educated Planners

Corporate leaders and university faculty need to collaborate more to develop meetings industry research that supplies meeting planners with a more comprehensive understanding of event technology and business event strategy.

6 days ago

American Express Is Trying to Improve Its Loyalty Program for Elites

The new wave of high-end cards with better loyalty benefits provide a counter of sorts to the radical changes that have happened to airline loyalty programs. If you can afford them, that is.

3 weeks ago

American Express Has Big Quarter, But JetBlue and Starwood Deals Cause Worry

AmEx will need to go full-court press on Marriott to keep the Starwood relationship alive. It's not a deal AmEx can afford to loose.

6 months ago

What Corporate Travel CEOs Are Saying About the Sharing Economy

Risk-taking innovation in the corporate travel space is hard to find. Sharing economy services with robust reporting and safety tools, however, will make change inevitable.

8 months ago

American Express Execs Wait to Find out Fate of Starwood’s Loyalty Program Like Everyone Else

There will be a lot of angry travelers if Marriott chooses to eliminate Starwood's loyalty program.

9 months ago

Flying For Free Forever Is as Simple as Buying a $170 Million Painting With an Amex Card

How do American Express and other credit card companies pay for all those miles that get redeemed? Charging merchants transaction fees usually does the trick.

11 months ago

Airbnb Integrates AmEx Payments and Rewards Points

Airbnb takes another step closer to the mainstream through its new partnership with American Express. Hosts who are American Express cardholders will receive visible credentials on Airbnb, creating a new layer of host verification.

12 months ago

American Express Q3 Earnings Hit by Lower Airfares and Co-Branded Card Costs in Travel

American Express pushed its travel business off the official books to a great extent with its joint venture for American Express Global Business Travel but Amex's credit card business is still very much tied to airline relationships.

1 year ago

Best Travel Ads This Week: Trust and Freedom of Travel

The best travel ads this week dig at the heart of what travel is all about.

1 year ago

Sharing Economy Opens New Possibilities for Business Travel

As sharing economy services provide stronger data tools to corporate agencies, the role of Uber and Airbnb will expand in corporate travel policies.

1 year ago

A Century of Travel Ads and Inspiration From American Express

American and European tours looked so grand back then.

1 year ago

American Express Rewards Program Feeling Heat From Chase and Capital One

American Express may be a bit behind now, but it has enough years in the business that it can play catch up faster than its competitors would like.

1 year ago