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Skift Podcast: When Everything Is An Adventure, What Happens to Adventure Travel?

As more people look for authentic, meaningful, (and impressive-on-Facebook) experiences, the adventure travel segment stands to grow.

6 months ago

6 Charts Showing State of Food Tourism With Tour Operators

Food is now the leading hook in travel and many travelers the world over not only perceive food tourism as an adventure but are also calling for more adventure type tours to heavily incorporate food experiences among hiking or white water rafting expeditions.

9 months ago

Video: Rethinking the Business of Experiential Tours

All tours are not created equal, and Wade's approach actually tries to avoid sameness.

10 months ago

Lifestyle Adventure Resorts Target the Future Luxury Traveler

The next generation of upscale soft adventure resorts are building out their experiential programming and content to offer more variety for a wider range of leisure and group clientele.

11 months ago

Tourist Bungee Jumping Provides Bright Spot in New Zealand’s Economy

Tourists are more fickle then milk, so New Zealand needs to make sure its solutions are more diverse than tying a few extra bungee cords to bridges.

11 months ago

The Growing Chinese Adventure Travel Market Wants Experiences Beyond Tourist Traps

Young Chinese travelers increasingly want to connect with their adventurous sides as that market matures, but they're also bungee jumping, luging, and skiing to show-off cool photos on their social media profiles to prove they deserve attention and respect.

1 year ago

Demand for American Hiking Trail Spikes After ‘Wild’ Release

Films often have an outsized impact on demand for destinations that previously attracted little attention and few visitors.

1 year ago

Interview: Butterfield & Robinson CEO on the Evolution of Active Travel

Butterfield & Robinson has tracked the emergence of mainstream adventure travel and adopted its product without weakening its position as a high-end operator. Its insights on what customers want and how to deliver on it can be useful to operators that serve all customer bases.

2 years ago

Skift Forum Video: How to Build an Ethical Tourism Company

Seeing someone who does "responsible tourism" actually do responsible tourism is incredibly refreshing.

2 years ago

Most Adventure Travelers Bypass Travel Agents on Road to Independence

Adventure travelers say they would use travel agents and tour operators for their experience in knowing what destinations offer, but these findings question whether these travelers think travel agents and tour operators know exactly what they're looking for: an experience that is all their own.

2 years ago

The Men’s Only L.A. Adventurers Club Struggles With the 21st Century

Perhaps the men are afraid that women will call BS on all of their faux tough-guy stories?

2 years ago

Profile of the Adventure Traveler: Smart and Not Afraid

This makes sense, you have to be knowledgable and have a skill set for most of these activities and a college education may help you develop those skills.

2 years ago