Emirates Plane Crash Closes Dubai Airport, All Passengers and Crew Safe

Given how bad the pictures look, it's amazing everyone survived the incident. It's also surprising that this was Emirates worst accident in its 30-year history.

Egypt’s Tourism Minister Says EgyptAir Crash Shouldn’t Impact Tourism

Unfortunately, he's kidding himself.

Air Travel Is Getting Safer, Despite High-Profile Disasters

Aircraft makers and airlines may have made their product safer than ever, but humans on the ground are screwing things up with a regularity that's disturbing.

FlyDubai Crash in Russia Tied to Pilot Error

Extreme weather certainly contributed to the crash of the FlyDubai plane in southern Russia in March but the initial findings say pilot error was a contributing factor.

FlyDubai Crash in Russia: What’s Known So Far About the Fatal Accident

British Airways Passengers on Vegas Flight That Burned Sue Boeing

A novel approach to make the lawsuit entirely about safety rather than of a punitive nature against the airline and its employees. It should also be a cause of concern if it highlights weak maintenance practices of multiple carriers.

EasyJet and British Airways Won’t Return to Sinai Region This Year

So far the Egyptian government has done next to nothing to assure visitors it has any idea what it's doing to assure anyone's safety, rather they be Egyptians or tourists.

Sharm el-Sheikh Airport Officials Criticize Culture of Bribery and ‘Human Stupidity’

Airports the world over, when not managed properly, are filled with incompetence and bribery. Boston Logan after 9/11 attacks was the rightful target of similar criticisms.