Travel Industry a Beneficiary of ‘Seismic’ Shift in Consumer Spending

There are innumerable factors that impact the health of the travel industry but the latest U.S. government numbers on retail spending lead to the conclusion that consumer spending habits are changing. There is a shift in emphasis from purchasing consumer goods toward buying services such as travel. That's a classic tailwind and a very healthy trend indeed for the gamut of leisure-travel businesses.

TripAdvisor’s Instant Booking Push May Signal Larger Trend in Booking Behavior

Does a dramatic reduction in outbound traffic from online travel agency sites mean they are getting stickier or are they perhaps consciously retaliating against hotel-chain websites for direct-booking campaigns? Or is something else up?

The U.S. Tourist Was a Vital Element to Global Tourism Growth in 2016

A stronger U.S. dollar isn't the only reason why more Americans are traveling abroad, but when your money goes further than it has in nearly a decade the world is certainly your oyster.

Skift Survey: More Evidence of Uber Becoming a Rental Car Replacement

The substitution effect is real, and car rental companies for the first time are beginning to look like transitory businesses.

New Skift Deck: The State of Global Travel 2016

This 137-page Skift deck curates data from every sector of travel and provides a wide sweeping overview of the state of the world’s largest sector and the forces driving it today. This is the State of Travel in 2016.

Skift Survey: Americans Rethink Summer European Travel Plans After Attacks

European travel season isn't looking great this year, with recent terrorist attacks and fears of more coming. Travel brands are bracing for the downturn.

Skift Survey: Nearly 25% of Americans Are Interested in Visiting Cuba Next Year

75 million Americans ready to be marketed to? Travel brands, the time to start spending money on marketing is...now!

No Vacation Nation: 41% of Americans Didn’t Take a Day off in 2015

Even as there is more awareness about benefits of time off, the overworked, under-vacationed, and under-traveled American remains a reality and the travel industry hasn't done much to band together and attempt to change it, despite some efforts by the U.S. Travel Association and brands like MasterCard and Expedia.

Survey: Minority of Americans Want Muslim Tourists Banned From the U.S.

Despite the headlines and the campaign rhetoric, an overwhelming majority of Americans don't want Muslim tourists banned from visiting the United States.

Delta Finally Beats Hawaiian Air for On-Time Performance

After win after win after win, Hawaiian Air had to fall one day. Spirit may well be the lifetime winner of poor performance, though.