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A huge hotel revamp is in the works for Australia’s Great Ocean Road

New resorts, hostels, and B&Bs would greatly boost tourism in the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia, but tourism planners must be careful not to overcrowd or otherwise harm the iconic coastline.


Nevermind the prophecies, London hotels did well during Olympics

The diasater scenarios for London Olympics didn't pan out, the games went on smoothly, and the London hotels in and around the venues did great business, especially on the per room price.


UK budget hotel chain Travelodge gets nearly half its debts written off

Travelodge now has a shot at turning around its business, but the chain's landlords are concerned about the company's additional plans to find new operators for almost a tenth of its hotels.


Former owner of Jumeirah Essex House buys it back to rebrand as JW Marriott Essex House

The Jumeirah group paid almost $425 million in 2005 for the property and spent millions refurbishing it and turning rooms into condos. The latest sale excludes most of those condos.


Remember when motels were fresh and new? Fortune magazine does

The 1960's-era article points out the importance of the motel to the small business owner and the relative lack of interest the media shows to the field in contrast to its sexier urban cousin the hotel.


Hotel fee surcharges to touch $2 billion in U.S. as room rates rise

The hotel industry started surcharges trend, airlines took it to its illogical extreme. We're happier customers of the hospitality laggards.


Moscow’s hotels are ranked the most expensive in the world for 8th year in a row

In reality, several cities including Zurich, Rio de Janeiro, and Lagos swap titles for the world's costliest hotel depending on the study and impacted by global events like the Olympics and recessions.


SkiftDesign: Ikea looks to open 100 low-cost boutique hotels in Europe

Ikea probably realized they were furnishing a growing number of 'budget design' hotels and decided to cut out the middleman and make their own, although the hotels won’t carry the brand name.


10 things a hotel insider hates about hotels and restaurants

Some people can be rather particular, can't they? It appears that even Britons descended from a line of distinguished hoteliers are still notoriously bad tippers in the U.S.


Israeli hotels return to a star system after more than two decades to realize it’s not that bright

Star ratings for hotels are just about the most misunderstood ratings for consumers. Outside of Italy, France, and Germany, there are few destinations where stars aren't meaningless. And even where they mean something they need to be update for the Wi-Fi generation.