Skift’s Future of Travel Program

Future of travel program

This is a transformative time in travel, from COVID concerns and unexpected hotel mergers to pilot shortages and the rise of short-term rentals. Every month seems to provide a new challenge and opportunity for the industry, and we’re watching it unfold firsthand. As our research team analyzes up-and-coming trends, and our reporters cover all the latest breaking news, we can’t help but want to do more. That’s why we’re thrilled to be rolling out our future of travel program for all of our subscription products. 

Whether you’re a leader in the classroom, or a future leader of travel, we want to make sure you have what you need to  facilitate classroom discussions, study for exams or interviews, and keep up with the industry.

Here’s how our academic discount can help:

1. Facilitate discussions on topical issues

You can use your academic discount on a subscription like Skift Pro. This is our all-access pass to award-winning, round-the-clock journalism. 

Think of it as the ideal homepage bookmark, to stay in-the-know on all things travel. We’re talking hundreds of stories each and every month, plus exclusive interviews and deep dives like The Definitive Oral History of Short-Term Rental, a three-part series on the history and future of vacation rentals. These deep dives come out regularly, and are the perfect opportunity to spark classroom discussion on the most timely topics.

Sometimes you don’t want to read a longform article, though. We get it.

Enter Daily Lodging Report, expertly packaging all the must-know hospitality sector insights and delivering them straight to your inbox every day. So you can share blurbs, discuss the current economic climate and understand the ins and outs of the accomodations world. 

Skift Research offers in-depth proprietary research analysis and real-time measures of global travel performance – that you can’t find anywhere else. With access to reports on content like consumer insights, market size and forecast, B2B intelligence and travel tech, the learning opportunities will quite literally be endless. 

We publish 40+ new reports annually, plus provide a library of 200+ historical insights, along with three exclusive data dashboards (like the Skift Travel Health Index)  – and you’ll be in good company with readers from global companies like Marriott,, and Google. With our future of travel program, you’ll be able to see firsthand why industry leaders rely on our data to analyze current trends – and you’ll be able to mimic the boardroom meetings where decision-makers discuss future strategy.

3. Analyze what’s happening in the global aviation industry 

Airlines are facing new challenges every day. Whether it be side effects of the ongoing war in Ukraine, staff disruptions, or the rising cost of gas, there’s always something new to discuss. Airline Weekly makes it easy to keep up with the latest news. Every Monday, we report on who’s flying where, new marketing approaches, fleet, finance, and key airline and airport data. Meaning you don’t need to be an aviation executive to understand what’s going on.

4. The cherry on top: Exclusive Skift event access 

We saved the best part for last – with our new academic discount program, students and educators will get free virtual access to all of our events. From our flagship Skift Global Forum, to the Sustainable Tourism Summit, Future of Lodging, Aviation Forum, you can count on livestream viewings of multiple events.

And if you want to take it a step further, we’d love to see educators in-person. Simply apply for a 50%-off education discount here.

Thank you – for everything

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. The future of travel starts in the classroom, and the team at Skift appreciates everything you do. 

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