Central & South America

Venezuela’s Economic Crisis Has Devastated Once-Booming Margarita Island

With international tourism dried up — and domestic visitor numbers down to a trickle — Venezuela's resort destinations are in trouble.

1 month ago

Brazil Tourism President on the Aftermath of Rio’s Olympic Games

Few other Olympic Games in recent memory created as much controversy as Rio 2016, but all of the airport, hotel, and transportation upgrades bode well for continued tourism development over the long-term.

2 months ago

Costa Rica Balances Happiness of Its Residents With That of Planet Earth

But is the country being transparent enough in its marketing messages to really convey what "ecotourism" really is, or just how sustainable Costa Rica really is for travelers, locals, and indigenous flora and fauna alike?

2 months ago

Google Maps Comes to Rio’s Favelas for a 360-Degree Video Project

"Rio: Beyond The Map" is Google showing off what destinations can do with its Street View technology to provide an immersive and self-directed virtual experience, combining both 360-degree video and traditional digital content.

3 months ago

Ecuador Appeals to Tourists to Return, Post-Earthquake

The question of when to return to a destination following a a natural disaster or violent incident is always a difficult one. But when a cautious leader says "come on back" it's a good time to go.

3 months ago

Olympics Tourists Will See Different Sides of Rio Depending on Which Events They Attend

There are only so many Band-Aids you can put on a bad situation before they no longer stick. In Rio's case, it can probably manage to keep the bandages on for a few weeks for the sake of tourism but much larger problems loom for the long-term.

3 months ago

The Newest UNESCO World Heritage Sites You Can Easily Visit

Not all UNESCO World Heritage Sites are that easy to travel to, but these seven are fairly accessible and, because they're the newest additions to the list, they haven't yet been swamped with crowds full of tourists just yet.

3 months ago

Tourists to Brazil Olympics Should Bring Translation Apps

Brazil has enough Olympics issues to deal with beyond worrying about how tourists will communicate with business owners. In the grand scheme of the global event, the language barrier is muito pequeno (very small).

3 months ago

Food Tourism Could Bring $7.5 Billion to Peru in 2016

Machu Picchu is magnificent but tons of tourists are going to Peru to eat.

3 months ago

Following the Attack in France, Brazil Ramps Up Security for the Rio Olympics

Brazil my have some serious financial challenges right now, but one thing countries tend to put first is security.

3 months ago

Overwater Bungalows Are Coming to Mexico and the Caribbean

For that quintessential South Pacific experience of staying in an overwater bungalow, travelers need only head to the Caribbean now.

3 months ago

The Best Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers in 2016

Cheers to this oenophile travel wish list.

3 months ago