Visit Sweden launched a new marketing campaign to remind the world to stop mixing up Sweden with Switzerland, the tourism board announced on Tuesday.

Called “Welcome to Sweden (not Switzerland),” the campaign kicked off with a playful message to Swiss public officials. In the video, Sweden proposes what the countries should promote to better differentiate themselves to end the confusion. Sweden, for example, proposes Switzerland talks about its financial banks while they talk about their sandbanks.

The campaign video includes a joke about U.S. President Joe Biden accidentally stating in 2022 that Switzerland was joining NATO instead of Sweden. Last year, 85,000 Google searches originating from the U.S. asked, “Are Sweden and Switzerland the same?” according to MyTelescope.

Many people can’t differentiate Sweden and Switzerland. About 50% of Americans can’t confidently tell the differences in Swedish and Swiss culture, according to a study commissioned by Visit Sweden.

The campaign also includes a dedicated webpage with key points on how Sweden’s different from Switzerland and a FAQ. “If people struggle to separate our two countries, we need to help them. We can’t change the names of our nations, but we can become more distinct,” said Visit Sweden CEO Susanne Andersson.

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