Marriott International said it was streamlining its ongoing process of installing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles at its properties by signing a deal with the vendor EV Connect as its preferred EV charging provider for its properties in the U.S. and Canada.

Marriott has already installed roughly 2,400 chargers and charging stations for electric vehicles, and this first preferred vendor approach may help speed up adoption.

“With EV Connect, we can offer properties an end-to-end turnkey service, simplifying the planning, installation, and maintenance processes while simultaneously delivering high-quality service our guests expect,” said Andrew Bodziak, senior vice president of global operations at Marriott.

Owners and franchisees can choose among suppliers. Some Marriott hotels have also installed Tesla Superchargers, for instance. Others provide discounts off the use of ChargePoint charging stations.

Marriott’s move, detailed here, comes at a time of growing interest in the space. Hilton earlier this month said it intended to install roughly 20,000 Tesla vehicle chargers at 2,000 hotels in North America through next year.

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