The Iranian government announced on Thursday it’s removing visa requirements for visitors from 33 countries, including Saudi Arabia — with which Iran has strained relationship over recent years.

The Iranian Students News Agency said Tehran’s move means citizens of 45 countries or territories would be able to visit Iran without having to obtain a visa.

“The ministry of tourism believes that an open-door policy will showcase Iran’s determination to engage with different countries of the world,” the ISNA reported.

Iran’s decision to include Saudi Arabia among the destinations it’s removing visa requirements for is another sign of thawing tensions between the two countries. Both governments agreed to start formal talks about resuming scheduled direct flights between Tehran and Riyadh. A Chinese-mediated deal in March restored Saudi and Iranian diplomatic relations, which included embassies reopening in the two countries.

Azadi Tower
Tehran’s Azadi Tower should see more foreign visitors soon (Source: Christiaan Triebert/Flickr)