Tourism Cares, a non-profit dedicated to advancing sustainable tourism has unveiled its new Meaningful Travel Map.

The interactive map, which has been designed to connect travel professionals with ‘sustainable, community-led enterprises, products, services, accommodations and tours that can be added to itineraries,’ has been launched to commemorate the organization’s 20-year anniversary.

You can view the interactive map here, and find out more about the work Tourism Cares does in the video below:

Presently, the Meaningful Travel Map features over 150 verified sustainable experiences in various destinations including the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Colombia and Jordan.

“At Tourism Cares, we consider ourselves a pioneer in the meaningful travel movement – driving the industry to conduct business in a way that directly benefits host communities, protects cultural and environmental assets, and engages guests in a deeper, more responsible way,” said Greg Takehara, CEO, Tourism Cares. 

“Through our innovative programs, such as our Meaningful Travel Summits and the development of our Meaningful Travel Map, we have been able to generate significant impact for local communities and social enterprises around the world. We are excited for this next phase of programming with our expanded map and its ability to diversify the travel supply chain to incorporate more impactful, locally led tourism experiences that will benefit destinations and the people that call those places home.”

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