A Swedish advertising firm has created a ‘skin-friendly travel agency’ to combat the rising number of skin cancer cases in Sweden. 

The ‘Shadecation’ campaign, created by Wenderfalck on behalf of Sweden’s largest pharmacy, Apotek Hjärtat, aims to inspire Swedes to adopt healthier sun habits and challenge the way they approach their time in the sun. 

Originally featured on Ads of the World, the campaign video highlights that cases of skin cancer are up 100% over the last 20 years in Sweden – making the country the third most affected globally – which prompted the team to ‘inspire Swedes to spend their summer holiday in the shade and out of the sun.’

The cornerstone of the campaign is the ‘world’s most skin-friendly travel agency’, which showcases Sweden’s shadiest destinations. The campaign also features a number of experiential activations, including transforming Apotek Hjärtat pharmacies into travel agencies and an outdoor media campaign. 

You can take a look at the campaign website here (with a little help from Google Translate) and view the original campaign video on Ads of the World here.

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