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Executives dreaming of bigger budgets have largely turned to social media and influencer campaigns in an effort to broaden their reach without the resources needed for a market-specific approach.

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It's near impossible to measure the exact influence a slogan has on getting tourists to a destination, but Virginia is certainly making the most of its catchphrase by getting small businesses onboard and creating revenue opportunities.

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Travel demand is still on the rise from the lulls of the global recession and primarily domestic airfares are slower to pick up than international flights.

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Jersey Shore’s Recovery Prioritizes Tourism Over Homeowners

Beaches, roads and coastal attractions were repaired as quickly as possible so many visitors arriving for the holiday weekend will be unaware of the construction still underway.

Interview: Turkish Tourism Director on Simpler Brand Messaging

It's hard to argue that Turkey's rise as global destination is directly tied to its "Home" branding or Instagrammer trips, but these efforts combined with support for the private sector keep Turkey's tourism offering relevant, ready and top of mind for potential visitors around the world.

Handy Enters Vacation Rental Ecosystem With New Host Services

Airbnb has spawned an ecosystem of startups offering ancillary services, but Handy has a leg up on its competition with a brand and customer base already built up around the country.

Delta Mashes Together 19 Internet Memes in One Safety Video

Airlines' most creative content marketing efforts are coming through in their in-flight safety videos, which are as popular online as their on actual planes. They now need to take this creativity to other aspects of their marketing strategy.

Interview: Tourism Australia Director on Being the Best in the Business

Tourism Australia is leading the industry in marketing practices, which means it must continually innovate on its most successful campaigns and test new ones to find what sticks and gets travelers to commit to the often long-distance journey down under.