Skift Podcast: How In-Room Tech Is Changing Everything About Hotel Guest Experience

Mobile technology is proving to be a leap forward for hotels that are ready to embrace the massive advantages it has to offer.

Skift Podcast 6: The Rise of Lifestyle Hotels and the Culture Driving Them

The lifestyle hotel segment is being pushed to innovate more quickly and drastically than ever before. Although the competition will continue to swell for several more years, we expect only a few brands will be left standing at the end.

Skift Podcast 5: How Bikes Are Changing the Way We Experience Cities

Biking is healthier, more enjoyable and more reliable than most other forms of public transportation; it is also changing people's relationship with their busy urban cities.

Skift Podcast 4: The Renegade Tours Disrupting City Visits for Tourists and Locals

Tour startups face many of the same challenges as their predecessors, but their sexy and unorthodox approach to art and sightseeing gives them the added boost of consumer-fueled marketing.

Skift Podcast 3: Travel PR Is the Invisible Engine Fueling Your Travel Inspiration

Traditional travel media has been upended in recent years and so has the massive PR machine that touches every part of the travel industry. Understand the changes by listening to this episode of the Skift Podcast.

Skift Podcast Episode 2: How Culinary Obsessions Are Changing the Way We Travel

Travelers no longer experience a place solely through landmarks or big events. Local food and drink now offers a compelling (and delicious) way for destinations to stand apart.

5 New Travel Startups for Search and Discovery

Just because the ability to connect with a local in a new city exists, doesn't mean that the local necessarily wants to meet. This theory can be applied to many of the emerging travel tools today.

Best Travel Ads This Week: City Snapshots

A well-produced video is now a necessary element of a destination's marketing toolbox and worth any investment it takes to make it right.

The Secret to Bigger Destination Marketing Budgets

Proving the economic value of tourism marketing is critical to attracting more funding, which yield even better results. All organizations should have, or be working on, a measurement model.

Destination Marketing CEOs on the Power of Social Media

Social media is a two-way street that can just easily be used to share content as collect it, helping destination marketing organizations keep up with today's 24/7 marketing timetable.