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Listen in for a discussion about AI and its impact on the travel industry and why marketers should team up with the technology rather than fight against it.

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For this edition of the Skift Podcast, we turn to our recent Skift Global Forum East event in Dubai, UAE. Near the end of the first day of the event, Skift CEO Rafat Ali was joined by Hany Abdelkawi, Google’s Head of Travel Sales.

Alli and Abdelkawi discuss the role of AI in connecting people and industries, emphasizing its growing impact in the travel sector. Abdelkawi, with a background in software engineering and experience in developing search engine technology, highlights how AI has evolved to assist humanity, particularly in travel planning and reducing stress.

Host: Rafat Ali
Guests: Hany Abdelkawi
Producer: Jose Marmolejos

During the conversation, Abdelkawi reflects on his multi-year journey at Google and discusses the travel industry’s relationship with the tech giant. He mentions Google’s role as a connector in the travel industry, helping businesses and consumers optimize their experiences. The conversation also touches on the use of AI in providing personalized content and improving user experiences. Abdelkawi encourages marketers to collaborate with AI rather than compete against it, emphasizing the importance of feeding AI with accurate data for better outcomes.

The discussion further delves into Google’s future in travel, including the role of Google Maps and Reviews in travel planning and decision-making. Abdelkawi addresses the challenges of filtering authentic reviews and the importance of maintaining a positive digital presence. The conversation concludes with a look at Google’s commitment to privacy and adapting to a cookie-less world, underscoring the company’s ongoing effort to evolve and improve its services in response to user needs and industry trends.


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Photo credit: Hany Abdelkawi, Head of Travel Sales for Google, in conversation with Skift CEO and Founder, Rafat Ali, on stage in Dubai at Skift Global Forum East this December. Skift

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