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As I am gearing up for what is going to be an exciting few days in Dubai, I wanted to share what excites me the most about Skift Global Forum East.

Imagine stepping into a world where the future of travel unfolds before your eyes, where CEOs and leaders meet to understand the larger context in which travel operates and the innovations needed to drive the industry ahead.

In three weeks’ time you’ll see this unfold when Skift Global Forum East returns to Dubai in December.

Presented by Dubai, Skift Global Forum East promises an experience that offers more than just insights.

As someone interested in the interplay between generative AI and travel, I’m excited to witness Skift leading the charge in reporting this unfolding relationship. This event is not just a forum, it’s a glimpse into the future, a future where technology, strategy, and innovation converge to redefine travel ahead.

Skift’s commitment to providing fast-paced presentations and incisive interviews with leaders who grasp the broader context of the travel industry sets this forum apart.


Our exceptional lineup of speakers is poised to inspire, educate, and catalyze discussions.

Given Accor’s increasing focus in the Middle East, I am particularly keen to understand Sebastien Bazin’s perspective on how the hospitality company intends to seize opportunities in the region.

Equally compelling would be the discussion with Katerina Giannouka, CEO of Jumeirah Group and Emaar’s Mark Kirby about Middle East brands going global.

And then of course there will be Riyadh Air CEO Tony Douglas, who is poised to unveil details about the second Saudi airline, providing valuable insights into the evolving aviation landscape in the region.

The Big Picture

This year, the discussions will delve into topics such as the globalization of the Middle East, navigating the economic realities of travel and adapting to global demographic shifts.

Picture the exploration of global consumer shifts, that allows creative leaders to stay steps ahead of evolving consumer expectations. Imagine delving into the strategies employed by destinations worldwide to capture attention, build capacity, and create seamless experiences.

The discussions extend to the hospitality sector, exploring how hotel leaders navigate the strong demand and strategize for future growth. Regional growth, particularly in Asia and its two powerhouses – India and China, will take center stage, revealing how outbound growth in these regions will impact global suppliers.

In the era of AI-driven platforms, the forum will dissect the next moves of online travel, providing insights into the evolving landscape of travel technology. Sustainability, conscious tourism, and luxury reimagined will also be on the agenda, showcasing how brands are standing out while upholding service and value.

Future of Travel

Macro forces shaping the future of travel will be unveiled, offering a comprehensive understanding of the macroeconomic trends that will steer the industry ahead. This isn’t just an event; it’s an opportunity to be at the forefront of the travel revolution.

Join Skift from December 12-14 in Dubai as they bring together a community that understands not just the present, but the possibilities that lie ahead.

Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or an enthusiastic traveler, Skift Global Forum East promises to be a journey into the heart of the future of travel. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this transformative experience – your ticket to tomorrow’s travel industry awaits in Dubai this December.

Join Skift and the travel industry’s most effective leaders for the top creative business events in the global travel industry.

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