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In this video from Skift Aviation Forum 2023, we hear from Kartik Yellepeddi, vice president of product and offer and order at FLYR, and Mike Melton, principal architect at Google Cloud, about the challenges, gaps, and opportunities in implementing artificial intelligence (AI) for the airline industry, including the need for data, technology integration, and talent.

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In this video:

  • Modernizing airline retailing: Improving the customer experience requires addressing issues such as data utilization, technology integration, and recognizing the importance of AI in decision-making.
  • Closing the gap between theory and practice: Airlines face a gap between the enthusiasm for the possibilities of AI and the ability to use it to its full potential. A recent Skift and FLYR survey found that 67 percent of aviation executives see AI as “very important” to their commercial success over the next 5 years, but only 38 percent “strongly agree” that they are able to track a measurable ROI to initiatives utilizing AI solutions.
  • A hybrid approach: It’s critical for airlines to take more control over how decisions are distributed and foster a cultural shift that prioritizes investment in talent and skills. A hybrid approach, where businesses leverage external technologies but maintain in-house talent to align AI solutions with their specific needs, may be the best path forward.

Consumer expectations for how they shop for and purchase airfares and other ancillaries are changing, influenced by the types of personalized experiences they receive from Netflix, Amazon, Google, and others. Airlines must be more deliberate about the customer data they’re collecting and utilize AI to enable better decision-making. In this environment, modernizing airline retailing requires a multifaceted approach, involving data, technology, and talent to bridge the gap between AI interest and measurable ROI.

In this Skift Aviation Forum panel discussion, Kartik Yellepeddi, vice president of product and offer and order at FLYR, and Mike Melton, principal architect at Google Cloud, spoke with Dan Marcec, research editor, SkiftX, about reimagining the airline retailing experience to alleviate the anxiety travelers often experience when booking flights and related services. Other key takeaways included the need for data-driven decision-making and the pivotal role of AI in modernizing the customer experience.

This content was created collaboratively by FLYR and Skift’s branded content studio, SkiftX.

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