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Hopper's termination of its partnership with reveals the deeper challenges the travel app is facing, forcing it to focus on direct hotel relationships as it tries to become profitable.

Last week ended with some Hopper news, and this week was filled with it. Read below for the latest on one of the most-love consumer travel apps and its challenges and changes with partners, consumers, and more. 

This Week’s Headlines

Hopper Terminates Partnership in Preemptive Strike
Hopper is in a much deeper state of hurt than it is letting on. It has a trimmed down vision to focus on direct hotel relationships after two of the biggest online travel agencies in the world departed as partners.

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Marriott’s Investor Day: 5 Top Slides From the Hotel Giant’s Presentation
Marriott recently held a four-hour event for investors that included 144 slides. Here are 5 of the most eye-catching ones.

Airbnb and Hotels’ Impending Fight Over Customers
Today’s edition of Skift’s daily podcast looks closer at Airbnb and hotels competing, Marriott’s investor day, and Japan Airlines’ new premium offerings.

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After Booking Deal Went Bust, Etraveli CEO Says Price ‘No Longer in Play’’s appeal of the adverse European Commission decision on its merger with eTraveli Group will take years to play out. If self-styled “bigger fish” eTraveli is still around for the taking, it would cost considerably more.

The Future of AI and Travel: 12 Industry Leaders Explain the Impact
Executives speaking at the Skift Global Forum 2023 had no shortage of opinions about how AI will affect travel. Here are their most noteworthy predictions.

Expedia vs. Hopper: We Tested How Many ‘Taps’ to Book a Flight
To book a flight through the Expedia app is certainly sleeker and more transparent than through Hopper. Still, Hopper claims to be winning market share.

More: Expedia CEO Peter Kern Explains Breakup With Hopper and AI Plans – Full Video

How Tour Operators are Navigating Direct Bookings: 3 Growing Trends
The lack of digital connectivity in the tours and activities sector concerns more than racing to get more tour operators online. It is about adding the right digital approach for that particular tour operator’s business.

Dubai’s Real Madrid Deal Could Give Emirate World Cup Spotlight
Dubai shakes hands with one of Spain’s most famous football clubs less than a day after the country is tipped to host the 2030 World Cup.

Hilton Report Reveals Trends in App Adoption, Mocktails and Resorts
Hilton has released a “trends report” aimed at consumer news sites. These three points are noteworthy for industry insiders.

According to the survey results, there is a clear correlation between household income and the significance placed on travel. In the income range of $200,000 to $299,999, 60% of respondents expressed that they view travel as an extremely or very important aspect of their lives. This percentage increases to 65% in the $300,000 to $499,999 income bracket and jumps significantly to 78% among those earning $500,000 or more. Preview the report.

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SAS is making some big changes. As part of its bankruptcy restructuring, Air France-KLM, along with other investors, will take a minority stake in the Scandinavian airline prompting a new commercial alignment and its move to the SkyTeam – not “StarTeam” – Alliance. Edward Russell and Jay Shabat discuss. Plus, has United ordered too many planes?

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