Interview: UNWTO Secretary-General on the World-Changing Power of Travel

If you want to understand what's happening right now in global tourism, the first person you should listen to is the UNWTO's Taleb Rifai.

Qatar’s International Airport Adds a New Fee for Passengers

In years past Qatar would have just thrown some oil money around rather than added a fee. This a early sign that Gulf carriers, and the supportive transportation infrastructure supporting their growth, will spend less.

Turkey Looking Forward to Russian Tourists as Charter Flights Resume

A season of Russian charter flights is not going to reverse a slide that's quickly undoing all the excellent work Turkey's travel brands have undertaken over the last decade.

Tourist Misbehavior on the Rise in U.S. Parks’ 100th Year

With more visitors to any place comes more of every stripe. Including idiots, apparently.

U.S. Government Fines Airlines for Not Disclosing Bumping Compensation

Airlines prefer to keep the compensation rules murky. It helps them wheel and deal at the departure gate when necessary.

Airbnb Says It’s Cleaning Up New York Listings While Governor Mulls New Law

Airbnb will be waging a PR battle in New York until Cuomo takes action or the time runs out on this session. But as we know from recent history, each purge is followed by a return of bad actors.

Hotel Occupancy and Airfares Drop for Tourists to Miami

Miami maybe taking all actions that can prevent the spread of mosquitoes that are possibly carrying the virus, but in the meantime travelers are looking elsewhere out of abundance of caution.

The State of Airline Upgrades for the Big 3 U.S. Carriers

Consistently getting upgrades requires cold-hard cash and the loyalty that brings from the airlines.

Cuba Clears Last Obstacle to Scheduled Commercial Flights From the U.S.

The tourism surge is coming to Cuba. Get ready for a few years of shortages and overcrowding followed by some smart, sustainable tourism development. OK, we're just hoping about that last half. Fingers crossed.

New York LaGuardia’s Redevelopment Already Has Travelers Worried

We are dreading the day when a renovated LaGuardia will no longer be a metaphor for everything that's wrong in U.S. aviation. But, luckily, with the Port Authority in charge we're certain they'll find a way to overspend and under deliver.