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Skift Global Forum has played a crucial role in shaping the travel industry over the last decade, bringing together thought leaders, innovators, and disruptors to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities.

Skift Global Forum, the travel industry’s most important event, is hosting its tenth edition this year. We know, how has it been ten years? Over the last decade, the Forum has become an essential gathering for travel industry leaders, innovators, and disruptors to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at Skift Global Forum’s history, evolution, and impact over the last ten years.

The Beginning

Skift Global Forum was held for the first time ever back in 2014, as an intimate gathering of travel industry professionals in New York City, with just 250 attendees. The conference’s initial focus was on the intersection of technology and travel, two areas that were rapidly evolving and transforming the industry – and featured keynote speeches from travel industry luminaries, such as Sree Srinivasan, Chief Digital Officer of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Pekka Vauramo, CEO of Finnair, and James Park, the legendary aviation interior design and Founder, JPA Design.


Over the years, Skift Global Forum has evolved and expanded in scope, reflecting the rapidly changing industry, with the addition of sessions to cover topics like sustainability, marketing, and innovation. The first Forum was organized by a lean-but-mean team of just 14, which has since grown to 80, hosting ten+ annual events around the world with over 20,000 alumni attendees globally. In doing so, Skift Live’s geographic reach has multiplied tenfold, with events held over the years in London, Singapore, Dallas-Fort Worth, Dubai, and more, in addition to the annual SGF in New York.


Skift Global Forum has had a significant impact on the travel industry, shaping the conversation around industry trends, and providing a platform for thought leaders to share their insights. We have consistently brought together a diverse mix of speakers, including CEOs, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and academics, ensuring a range of perspectives are represented. This diversity of voices has helped to spark new ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and drive innovation.

One of the key themes that has emerged from Skift Global Forum over the years is the importance of technology and AI in the travel industry. From the early days of the conference, speakers have highlighted the transformative power of technology, from mobile apps to artificial intelligence, to virtual reality. These technologies have enabled travel companies to offer personalized experiences, streamline operations, and improve customer service.

Another important theme that has emerged from the Forum is sustainability. As the travel industry has grown, so too has its impact on the environment. Speakers at the conference have discussed how travel companies can reduce their carbon footprint, promote sustainable tourism, and work with local communities to create positive social and environmental impact.

Looking Ahead

As Skift Global Forum enters its tenth year, the travel industry continues to evolve, and Skift is at the forefront of it all. Each year, SGF continues to get bigger and better from the educational sessions, to networking opportunities, incredible F&B, and top-tier overall experience. This edition will be our largest Forum yet, with 1,000+ attendees and 25+ speakers joining from around the world. Join us September 26-28 in New York City to witness our tenth edition of the travel industry’s leading conference. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this one. More information here.

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