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It’s finally here! Skift Research has been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to get its hands on Airbnb’s public filings. This report analyzes the challenges and strategies of the most influential company in the short-term rental industry.

Airbnb is probably the most successful travel company of the last decade. A startup that went from crazy idea to a verb. And now it’s about to become the latest travel business to become public.

Based on these new disclosures, Skift Research’s latest report latest report dives into Airbnb’s public disclosures to analyze the challenges and strategies of the most influential company in the short-term rental space. We believe that this is the most detailed look into Airbnb’s strategy available to investors and travel executives alike.

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This report complements Skift Research’s ongoing coverage of the Airbnb IPO that includes looks at Airbnb compared to hotels and its booking site peers, the company’s marketing spending, and its seasonality.

This report features a proprietary estimate of the size of Airbnb’s Experiences and China business which were not separately broken out in the filings. It also closely examines Airbnb’s brand positioning and how that drives advertising efficiencies, repeat shoppers and high host retention.

This has led to a paradox: How can Airbnb scale its platform without diluting the unique hosts and places to stay that have built its brand?

The report addresses Airbnb’s Covid response and places the company within the context of the broader short-term rental market, updating our 2019 market landscape report.

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What You’ll Learn From This Report

  • Proprietary estimates of Airbnb’s growth rates and segment reporting, including Experiences and China.
  • Detailed data on Airbnb’s marketing efforts and its ability to attract, retain, and grow customer relationships.
  • An analysis of the types of listings and property managers on Airbnb, including a look at how much inventory is exclusive to the platform.
  • A deep dive into Airbnb’s Covid-19 response.
  • The size of the short-term rental market in 2020 and Skift Research’s updated ecosystem overview.

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