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In response to the global crisis and its effect on travel, Skift has launched a series of online summits to provide tactical ideas, critical analysis, and perspectives on the solutions needed in this time. Each online summit will focus on a unique sector within travel, featuring Skift editors in conversation with industry leaders, all sharing their perspectives on “Travel’s Path Forward.”

As the Covid-19 global crisis continues to spread and the incredible economic impact is made clear, it is as important as ever to share the key challenges, best practices, and future solutions needed across the travel industry.

Similar to Skift’s conferences, which bring together the top executives and business leaders to discuss what’s next and how to drive travel forward, Skift’s team has worked steadily over the last few weeks to launch our new series of online summits called: Travel’s Path Forward.

Each week, we’ll bring Skift’s analytical rigor, deep-dive research, and editorial interviews with leaders in travel to this video series, covering specific verticals affected by this crisis and highlighting their path for recovery. Our first event covered Covid-19’s impact on business travel and also a dive into the U.S. stimulus package.

If you can’t join a Summit live, you can still register in order to be alerted when we release recordings of each event.

Here are the online summits we have in store for the coming weeks:

Startups & Investors Online Summit- 12 p.m. ET on April 14

The coronavirus pandemic is turning the entire travel industry upside down, including the venture-backed travel startups that have business models facing a surprise stress test in these times. Venture deals are drying up and the sectors that the tech startups serve are scrambling to cut costs, leaving many companies that were expecting high growth only a few months ago to quickly shift into survival mode. What can be done to survive in the short-term and what might the ecosystem look like post-crisis? Join Skift editors and research analysts, along with VCs and startup founders, as we discuss Travel’s Path Forward: Startups and Investors.

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Destinations & Marketing Online Summit- 11 A.M. ET on April 22

As destinations are working to quickly chart the best way forward, they face a conundrum: letting the awareness of a destination fall to zero during a crisis is a huge risk, but launching a tourism campaign can easily seem tone-deaf. With Travel’s Path Forward: Destinations and Marketing, Skift editors and research analysts, along with leaders in tourism, including destination marketers, advisors, and suppliers, will explore the state of destinations today.

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Travel PR Online Summit – 11 a.m. ET on April 30

Public relations professionals in the industry know that in volatile times like these, taking action to communicate effectively with customers, partners, and media is paramount. At the same time, travel companies need to be prepared now for the moment when travel does return. During Travel’s Path Forward: Travel PR, Skift editors and leading public relations professionals in travel will discuss the state of Travel PR, and the dos and don’ts of brand messaging in this time.

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Loyalty Online Summit -11 a.m. ET on May 7

In this time of uncertainty and rapid change, loyalty has been measured far more by delivering on customer service needs than incentives. However it may also be a good time to consider an expanded view of loyalty in travel and explore the impact of the loyalty-tech landscape. Please join Skift editors and research analysts as we highlight the challenges and opportunities ahead, and hear from leaders throughout the industry — hotels, airlines, online travel agencies, consumer brands, and intermediaries– showcasing Travel’s Path Forward: Loyalty.

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Short-Term Rentals Online Summit – 11 a.m. ET on May 14

As the Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a sharp decline for both the rapidly expanding urban short-term rental market and the prospects of a busy summer vacation rental season, how can players both large and small across alternative-accommodations best balance find resilience in this time? How can platforms best balance the needs of both guests and hosts, following more consistent policy enforcement? Join Skift editors and research analysts, along with leaders in short-term rental ecosystem for Travel’s Path Forward: Short-term Rentals. We will discuss how the crisis has impacted the business landscape and how to prepare for the key challenges ahead.

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Online Travel Summit – 11 a.m. ET on May 21

As online travel companies have experienced a confluence of unthinkable customer service demands, remote teams, and an evaporation of the market, the sector has had to react quickly to not only manage customers, but also navigate the relationships of their many partners in a layered supplier ecosystem. Despite the hurdles of this crisis-response, online travel agencies also have the ability to instill confidence in the market to foster manageable, long-term recovery once travel returns. Join Skift editors and research analysts, as we discuss the current landscape and future preparedness with industry leaders during Travel’s Path Forward: Online Travel.

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Hotels Online Summit – 11 a.m. ET on May 28

Travel’s Path Forward: Hotels will dive into the crisis impact on every hotel company, from the top chains to small hotel operators around the globe. As major declines in occupancy continue, many hotels have been forced to furlough employees and others to shutter, and with supply being higher than demand even before Covid-19, the likelihood of a strong rebound in the hotel sector seems distant. Please join Skift editors and research analysts, along with leaders from across the hospitality sector to discuss how hotels might prepare now for the long recovery ahead.

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Travel Advisors Online Summit – 11 a.m. ET on June 3

While the ability to make travel plans has ceased during the spread of Covid-19, the role of the travel advisor and ability to forge trust with travelers is as important as ever. In these uncertain times, travel advisors have been a source for accurate information on travel restrictions, options for future travel, including postponement or cancellation, what insurance options may be important to be prepared when abroad, and understanding the needs of customers as the industry works to shift in response. During Travel’s Path Forward: Travel Advisors: Skift’s editorial team will speak with leaders from travel agencies and travel management companies as we explore how the industry can be prepared for recovery and what travelers will need to regain confidence post-crisis.

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Luxury Travel Online Summit – 11 a.m. ET on June 10

Restrictions on travel globally have crippled the industry, the luxury sub-sector has to balance finding a path for survival amid this economic impact, shifting quickly to meet the personalized needs of high-end travelers if and when they do travel, and planning now to instill confidence for travelers and consumers for the long road ahead after the crisis subsides. During Travel’s Path Forward: Luxury Travel, join Skift editors and research analysts, along with leaders in luxury travel as we discuss the key challenges and solutions needed for a recovery.

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We hope to have you join us online during this online interview series. Note that after registering for each session, you will receive an email from Zoom with details about accessing the event.

If you want to get involved with these summits, want to sponsor, or have any other feedback or questions on them, email us at [email protected].

Brian Quinn
Editorial Director of Events


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