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Companies looking to track events of all sizes in a single platform may have found a solution in the Groupize 3.0 platform. Rules can be a good thing — especially when it comes to automating employee permissions and budgets.

Meeting management platform Groupize has announced the launch of its new product, Groupize 3.0, which expands its offerings from servicing small meetings to larger ones as well. “Now we are a viable alternative for all meetings,” President and CEO Charles De Gaspe Beaubien said.

The upgraded version allows companies — including large Fortune 40 corporations — to manage all of their events in a single platform. Groupize 3.0’s rules engine enables employers to set accessibility restrictions based on individuals’ responsibilities, with the ability to handle tens of thousands of users at one company. As Skift forecasted in our Megatrends 2020 Report, advanced data tools like Groupize’s all-in-one management software are rapidly becoming a necessity.

An administrative assistant can be given access to book events of a certain size while a senior planner can get permission to organize events at a much larger scale (and budget). “It takes 10 minutes to launch and load your rules. It’s not overwhelming,” said De Gaspe Beaubien. The simplified workflow and customized portal makes Groupize 3.0 completely self-servicing.

De Gaspe Beaubien said this version is ideal for Fortune 5000 companies with at least three meetings a month. It includes travel elements as well, integrating directly with Concur travel software.

A major cost-saving feature is the ability for users to track canceled hotel blocks across the globe, even from other departments. This will become increasingly important as many U.S. businesses cancel travel amid the coronavirus outbreak. Companies can access a global map to see where events are scheduled and what changes may need to be made based on safety and security measures.

Groupize 3.0 is unique in that it gives companies the ability to track meetings of all sizes. “Companies can reach 100 percent of their meetings in one platform,” De Gaspe Beaubien said.

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Photo credit: Groupize 3.0 launches to service meetings of all sizes. Arlington Research / Unsplash

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