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There is no doubt that the latest wellness trends will impact the travel space. Just how fast companies will begin implementing the trends is the real question.

Wellness trends and wellness travel trends are essentially one and the same. That’s because when something bubbles up as a trend in the wellness space, it’s almost immediately put into practice by the hospitality industry.

Once “forest bathing” became a wellness trend, you could bet the activity was added to every health lover’s itinerary who happened to be vacationing near trees.

In a way, resorts act as incubators for wellness trends — they’re a space to find out what things will stick, and what will just be a gimmick. As Skift contributor Laura Powell discusses in her story below, the travel industry also drives wellness trends. Out of the need to conquer jet lag came apps like Timeshifter. Meanwhile, Schloss Elmau has been offering concerts to its guests for over a century — and now healing music is one of the key wellness trends this year.

Luxury hospitality, too, plays a meaningful role in wellness trends. Often the luxury traveler wants unique wellness experiences — as in, the trends before they become trends. So luxury properties have to look for ways to stay two steps ahead — or at least on pace — with the wellness trends or get left behind.

We’ll see which properties put some of these movements from the Global Wellness Institute’s latest trend report into practice, and track which companies look like they’ll be setting the trends for next year. Stay tuned.

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Leslie Barrie, Luxury & Wellness Editor

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Photo credit: A top wellness travel trend for 2020 will be helping guests with their circadian rhythms. In Germany, Lanserhof Tegernsee in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps launched a sleep program that takes sleep-wake rhythms into account. Lanserhof Tegernsee

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