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As many of you know, Skift has produced separate weekly newsletters for the luxury and wellness sectors. But what has become abundantly clear is that these vibrant areas of travel are more closely linked than ever before. We see evidence each week that the definitions of an aspirational lifestyle are shifting. Certainly every aspect of wellness does not touch luxury, but if luxury players are not addressing wellness as core to their strategies, they will soon be irrelevant.

From our perspective, it makes sense that we should combine our coverage into a single newsletter. On January 2, we will launch the Luxury & Wellness Travel Report, a new weekly newsletter that combines the best of its two predecessor newsletters here at Skift.

We are excited that Leslie Barrie, who oversaw our wellness newsletter, will be our editor on this publication. Leslie has covered the wellness space for many years and, of course, its intersections with luxury hospitality and tourism.

We are even more excited to bring you original stories that will help you understand this market for your businesses. And, as always, we will cast a critical eye when it is required.

Send story ideas and feedback to Leslie Barrie at or on Twitter @LeslieBarrie.

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