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The discipline of digital advertising has been fundamentally transformed by technology and automation. Travel marketers have more power over their campaigns than ever before, but also face growing complexity. In this conversation with executives from Koddi at the 2019 Skift Tech Forum, we hear how marketers can navigate this increasingly complex digital advertising landscape.

The 2019 Skift Tech Forum brought together some of the world’s most influential travel-focused tech companies and aggregators, along with the leaders of major travel brands to explore technology’s role in addressing marketplace disruptions, collapsing silos, and shifting partner alliances in travel.

One key theme at this year’s forum was the continuing evolution of digital advertising. As the discipline of online marketing gets more automated and real-time, travel industry marketers now have the power to continuously optimize and refine their campaigns like never before. But while these features provide more power over marketing campaigns, they also add to the complexity of figuring out how to manage them. After all, travel industry marketers are trying to achieve the right balance between a variety of objectives, including conversion rates, occupancy, channel distribution strategies, and much more.

How should travel companies use digital advertising to optimize their mix of distribution channels and ensure business success? What strategies should they use to evaluate the most effective emerging ad technologies? And how can they build an internal team that is fluent in the increasingly data-driven language of today’s digital campaigns?

In this conversation between Nicholas Ward, president and co-founder of Koddi, and Jeremy Kressmann, research editor for SkiftX, we learn more about how the travel industry’s most successful marketers are navigating this new era of digital advertising.

Check out the video above to view the full conversation.

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