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Contributions to the American Society of Travel Advisors’ political action committee are up this year, indicating growing awareness of the value of political advocacy. Making politicians aware of the particular needs of travel agencies — something many have little understanding of — is crucial.

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Travel advisors appear to be more aware of the need for government advocacy these days, at least according to a new annual report from the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA). The report shows a steady increase in the amount of money that travel advisors — from agencies large and small — are donating to the group’s political action committee. It’s doubled in the last five years.

At the same time, ASTA is gearing up for what it hopes will be record attendance at its annual Legislative Day program, scheduled for June 1–5. Members will meet with their representatives on Capitol Hill, where issues such as the Travel Agent Retail Fairness Act and travel to Cuba are among current concerns. Whether on the national or state level, travel advisors who get involved with advocacy say it’s crucial to educate politicians, as most are clueless about travel agency operations.

Skift also looks at the importance of travel advisors understanding the needs and requirements of travelers with disabilities, a market that hotels and cruise lines are getting better equipped to serve. A number of sources are available for training in this often-neglected demographic.

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— Maria Lenhart, Travel Advisor Editor

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ASTA members lobbying Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) May 8, 2018. Photo Courtesy of ASTA

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