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Travel advisors serving the top end of the market these days are seeing an influx of clients with newly made fortunes eager to spend some of it on dream vacations. Satisfying their demands takes ingenuity and is redefining the nature of luxury travel.

Whether you are a home-based travel advisor or you work in a large office servicing high-profile accounts, the Travel Advisor Innovation Report will have you covered with the trends, news, and features you’ll need to stay on top of an ever-changing marketplace.

This week Skift looks at two huge leisure travel trends that sometimes intersect: the growing ranks of super-rich travelers willing to spend for extraordinary experiences and rising interest in combining volunteer work with a vacation. Both require a great deal of ingenuity and due diligence on the part of travel advisors.

As more fortunes are being made in tech and other industries, some travel advisors serving the top end of the market are seeing an influx of clients eager to spend their newly made wealth on dream vacations. In contrast to the more jaded old-money crowd, travel is a new adventure for them, and acquiring bragging rights to share on social media is a priority. There’s also a more serious side, with some ultra-rich clients seeking family vacations where volunteer opportunities for themselves and their kids are part of the itinerary.

Volunteer work continues to spark interest among travelers across the board, with some travel and tour companies reporting double-digit growth in demand over the past year. While voluntourism can be beneficial for clients and communities alike, it takes a lot of planning and forethought among advisors to make it worthwhile.

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— Maria Lenhart, Travel Advisor Editor

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