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The role of marketing technology in the travel industry has passed the threshold of adoption, but significant attention is still required to bring the technology at work into its true and central role — industry-wide.

The role of so-called martech in travel is robust, but so are the challenges that come with marketing technology. The trend is toward greater spend, increased adoption, and positive business outcomes. And the engine that will drive that trend is greater investment, deeper-bench teams and skill sets, and an openness to working with consumers to ensure that martech creates only the most relevant and meaningful experiences, before, during, and after every trip.

With that in mind, Skift Research is publishing Tueseday our latest report, The State of Marketing Technology in Travel 2019.

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In this report, a proprietary Skift survey opens vistas onto the state of marketing technology (martech) solutions in the travel industry in 2019. While 72 percent of Skift’s respondents said martech is critical to their competitive edge, significant attention is still required to bring the technology at work into its true and central role. This report delves into key areas that can impact the outcomes of martech solutions.

What You’ll Learn from This Report:

  • An overview of the current state of martech solutions in the travel industry
  • The roles, outcomes, and next steps of martech
  • Martech use cases for airlines, car rentals, cruises, destinations, and hospitality
  • Structural and skill needs for optimal martech execution
  • Vendors and in-house dynamics within martech
  • The artificial intelligence equation
  • Data challenges and regulatory developments

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