SkiftX recently hosted a webinar session, Destination Storytelling: How to Differentiate Your Brand. Did you miss it? To get a recording of the webinar, click the button below to submit your information.


The rapidly-changing media landscape and evolving habits of consumers are driving destination marketing organizations to rethink their approach to marketing to focus on content and stories.

But how do you determine the right story to tell? How do you set your destination apart from others?

This session will focus on best practices on creating authentic, captivating destination-based content that epitomizes the unique character of a destination. This Is Citizen, the brand story lab that leads the production on Brand USA’s “Ask A Local” video series, will take attendees through their ideation process and uncover the key questions they use to inform their content approach.

Attendees will walk away with actionable insights and exercises to uncover unique storytelling approaches to apply to their own destination or brand.

This webinar explored:

  • Actionable insights and exercises to uncover unique storytelling approaches for destinations
  • How to develop sources and get the best out of interview subjects
  • Why engaging content doesn’t have to be over-polished
  • How to get stakeholders aligned with great content ideas


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