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Skift is now 6 years old and as part of building our long-term legacy, we believe we can make a difference with our expertise and connections in the global travel sector. We’ve spent our entire corporate lifetime immersed in the business of travel, following and uncovering trends, and learning all along the way the best practices that are shaping the travel industry globally.

We’re delighted to announce today that we’re forming the Skift Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit corporate giving arm of Skift focused on providing services and monetary grants to the under-resourced destinations, organizations, and small businesses in the global travel and hospitality sectors worldwide.

The foundation’s activities will support progressive destinations that embrace the curiosity and diversity implicit in the promise of travel: that travel is the most progressive expression of human curiosity and helps break silos of the mind. We believe in this passionately, and now the Skift Foundation is in a position to contribute our insights, energies, and resources to further these goals.

The Skift Foundation’s corporate giving will be independent of Skift Travel and Skift Table’s editorial activities. We will be transparent about where our giving and editorial activities may intersect; our editorial judgments will always be independent and unaffected by Skift Foundation activities.

Our first foundation effort will be announced later today at Skift Global Forum in New York; watch out for details online later today and in the coming days. Drop us a note at for more details or if you want to get involved.