During our upcoming webinar: “How Hotels Are Using Cloud-Based Tools to Attract Meetings,” we’ll discuss how hoteliers and planners are using cloud based event management platforms to increase success.

To register for the webinar on August 28, 1-2 p.m. EST, click the button below to submit your information.


A storm of economic and technology disruptions in the meetings industry is forcing hoteliers to rethink how they attract group business using a variety of cloud-based sales and marketing solutions. Rising costs of group acquisition — spurred by increasing intermediation in the form of third party planners and growing hotel tech stacks — have reached an inflection point.

Therefore, hoteliers are using online marketing solutions more intentionally and strategically to increase ROI. Their goal is to connect directly with interested group planners and corporate travel managers, so they can own their leads and have more autonomy over their group business development. Equally important, hoteliers are also using cloud-based platforms to compare how they’re performing against other hotels in their competitive set, and determine who that competitive set is.

This webinar will explore:

  • How cloud-based sales and marketing solutions can help hoteliers connect directly with group planners
  • How hoteliers and planners are striving to optimize different parts of the event lifecycle using online tools
  • How hoteliers are customizing their digital sales and marketing experience to differentiate their core value propositions


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