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The hotel tech stack of today should focus entirely on the customer journey and be arranged so that it provides guests a seamless experience. A hotel tech stack that is not integrated on the back-end will feel fragmented on the front-end.

Categories of hotel tech are blending together as tech providers such as Oracle and Sabre attempt to be all-in-one solutions offering the most bang for a hotelier’s buck. At the same time, hotel brands and online travel agencies are also coming out with solutions daily to offer the most value to hotel owners.

Nevertheless, a lack of integration amongst systems and corresponding data fragmentation remain the biggest challenges in the industry.

In Skift Research’s latest report out today, The State of the Hotel Tech Stack 2018, we discuss today’s top challenges and areas for improvement in hotel technology and offer our future expectations for the mapping of the hotel tech stack.

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Throughout the report, we also provide the answers to key questions with regard to hotel technology from two focus groups — our “Tech Vendor Focus Group,” which includes 18 tech vendors and one online travel agency (OTA), and our “Hotel Company Focus Group,” which includes two major hotel brands, one independent hotelier, and one hotel management company.

Skift Research believes the business strategy of the hotelier of today should ultimately focus entirely on the customer journey, and the hotel’s tech stack should be arranged so that it provides guests a seamless experience.

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What You’ll Learn from this Report:

      • The hotel tech stack mapped by the customer journey
      • Views on hotel technology from Skift Research’s Tech Vendor, Online
      • Travel Agency (OTA), and Hotel Company Focus Groups
      • Top challenges and areas for improvement in hotel technology
      • Key reasons why the hotel industry is behind from a tech standpoint
      • Estimated market share for major property management systems
      • Hoteliers’ financial budgets and objectives for hotel technology
      • Future expectations for the mapping of the hotel tech stack
      • Practitioner views on data privacy and security
      • Investor areas of focus in the hotel tech space

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