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This week in tourism, we were more domestic than usual. Americans won't travel without their beloved mobile devices, and check out our three-part deep dive on how the American road trip is evolving alongside tours, destinations, hotels, vehicles, and consumer behavior.

Tourism News Weekly Roundup

Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines tourism trends.

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>>Road trips in the United States are statistically on the rise due to both economic and cultural factors. These vacations have incredible potential to reflect what’s simmering beneath the surface of contemporary America: How Driving Defines Us: The Future of American Road Trips

>>While most American road trips are DIY, created piecemeal on a budget, the luxury set has options and smart travel brands know who to target: Tours and Hotels Look for Innovative Ways to Cater to Luxury and Budget Road Trippers

>>The sharing economy hardly puts a dent in the fact that most American road trips occur with owned cars. But look out for brands adapting to electric vehicles before driverless cars change things completely: Self-Driving Cars, Electric Vehicles, and the Future of Hitting the Road

>>Travel is more accessible today than ever before because of mobile devices and the travel industry knows this. We don’t see anything wrong with nudging travelers to look up from their devices every now and then, but promoting a device-free vacation reads a little tone-deaf in 2018: Americans Won’t Ditch Phones on Vacation Despite Travel Industry’s Digital Detox Push

>>Mexico’s tourism industry has been lucky in the past year as the violence mostly hasn’t targeted tourist destinations like Mexico City. But if history is any guide, tourism is often the focus for anyone wanting to cause harm and chaos. We hope we’re wrong about this one: Mexico Tourism Marketing Blitz to Address Safety Concerns After Violence

>>As we’ve said repeatedly: Everyone wants a piece of tours and activities, but not everyone can be successful. Royal Caribbean Cruises tried something different for a cruise company with GoBe, but the space was crowded: Royal Caribbean Tour Venture GoBe Calls It Quits

>>Breaking open the yacht rental market with a sharing platform is a difficult endeavor given the challenges of operating a digital business within the luxury sector as well as the nuances and securities needed for an experience as hands-on as yachting: The State of Luxury Yacht Rentals and Sharing Schemes

>>Six Flags has been talking up this scenario for more than a year, so it will be interesting to see how the strategy plays out. Will more people opt for season passes that give them access to multiple parks, even if those parks are a few hours away from each other? Six Flags Is Adding 5 Parks in a Promised U.S. Expansion Push

>>While yachting is undeniably attractive for luxury travelers, is it really ripe for disruption? The practical and logistical concerns make an intermediary or manager seem more attractive than in other sectors: Is There Really a Peer-to-Peer Market for Yachts?

>>Corporate travel continues to grow as the global economy hums along immune to the geopolitical issues cropping up around the world. How long can it last? And will increasing hotel rates eat away at the increased spending made by corporations? Corporate Travel Demand Remains Strong: Industry CEOs

>>Tune in to hear experts on European tourism discuss the recent growth in visitors — and how to best manage it: Skift Podcast: How European Tourism Came Back From the Brink


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Photo credit: RVs are hot right now, both in sales and rentals, affecting how Americans take their summer vacations.

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