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Amazon likely has a role to play in the future of travel distribution, marketing, or devices — if not all three. Travel leaders need to prepare today or risk being caught flat-footed tomorrow.

For one of the most important companies in the world, Amazon’s impact on the travel industry has been surprisingly small to date. It is unlikely to stay that way for long. What has been the secret to Amazon’s success and what lessons can the travel industry learn from it? Is Amazon a future threat or ally to travel incumbents? Is it possible to “Amazon-proof” a business?

To help you understand these questions and more in this report, we are launching today the latest Skift Research report, Amazon: Lessons, Threats, and Opportunities for Travel.

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In the first section of this report, we dive deep into the company’s business model and distill four lessons from it that we believe can apply to travel companies large and small. In the second section we look at what direct impact Amazon could have on the travel competitive landscape. We imagine at least three scenarios whereby Amazon could enter the travel industry and discuss implications of each. The results are not all negative. For some, Amazon may be a threat, but many opportunities exist to build valuable partnerships as well.

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What you’ll learn from this report:

  • A deep dive into Amazon’s business model today and context on how it has evolved.
  • Four lessons that the travel industry can learn from Amazon’s success.
  • A focus on what Amazon Prime can teach us about customer loyalty.
  • Our take on three ways Amazon could impact travel.
  • Ways in which Amazon could directly compete with travel incumbents.
  • A closer look at Amazon’s little-known, but rapidly growing advertising business.
  • Thoughts on what voice assistants and smart devices could mean for the future of travel.

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