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Travel policies don’t have to be boring, unwieldy documents that employees dread reading. Creating a travel policy that includes visual content and clear language is much more likely to encourage employees to buy into the company's preferences than traditional policies have in the past.

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Today, we’re publishing an eBook by, How to Create a Travel Policy that Employees Will Actually Read, which explores how companies can transform their travel policy to be relevant to the modern consumer.

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Creating a travel policy that employees will want to read and engage with can be challenging––and the fact that most traditional travel policies are lengthy, detailed documents full of technical, legal jargon and prescriptive rules doesn’t help.

Today’s travel managers and buyers should be thinking differently about how to deliver the information included in their travel policies. Studies show that humans are more likely to intake and retain information when it’s presented in a visually compelling way, and the recent growth of digital platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest reflects the direction our content consumption is moving in.

This eBook explains why travel managers and buyers should provide their travelers with a travel policy that makes sense for the visually-minded consumer and what steps they can take to create an engaging travel policy.

Topics covered include:

● Why visual content is key for effective communication
● How to transform your travel policy so it’s relevant to the modern consumer
● What to include in your updated travel policy
● How to get employees on board with your travel policy
● How to choose the right format for your travel policy

Not sure how to get started? The eBook also includes a step-by-step visual travel policy builder that helps you create your own visual travel policy to get your travelers on board.

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