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While this week's Meetings Innovation Report takes a closer look at how to craft meetings for younger participants, from Generation Z to millennials, the truth is that all of these strategies make for more engaging, entertaining, and meaningful events.

The Future of Meetings & Events

“The biggest challenge is staying relevant while planning for multiple generations,” Dana Saal, principal of Saal Meeting Consulting, recently told Skift.

With 30 years of experience as a planner — Saal is a certified meeting professional and certified association executive — she said that, for her, it remains a challenge to know how to craft a meeting that will appeal to an age-diverse audience.

“Designing an association meeting today requires honoring the older participants who continue to find value in the current, albeit dated, model while convincing younger participants that the meeting offers something of value,” Saal said.

More often than not, when we think of those “younger participants,” we tend to think of millennials. They are, after all, the largest generation in size right now.

But what about the generation who follows them? Are planners doing enough now to know how to reach that emerging audience of Generation Z?

While it’s easy to dismiss Gen Z as nothing more than a continuation of the millennials, the truth is that the two generations are not one and the same. Sure, the two generations might share some traits here and there, but they’re not exactly alike.

Members of Gen Z are true digital natives, and they’re often described as being more pragmatic, more cautious, more money-conscious, and more globally minded than their predecessors.

This week, writer Jaimie Seaton takes a closer look at what really engages this generation when it comes to meetings. Read the full story here.

What Seaton uncovered may or may not surprise you, but at the heart of it, the best strategy for engaging Gen Z or any other generation for that matter is to design meetings and events that are truly immersive and engaging.

— Deanna Ting

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Photo credit: Coachella festival goers. Coachella and other major festival events first captured the attention of millennials and now attract members of Generation Z. Chris Pizzello / Invision/Associated Press

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