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Throughout the week we post dozens of original stories, connecting the dots across the travel industry, and every weekend we sum it all up. This weekend roundup examines digital trends.

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>>It’s all but certain that TripAdvisor is going to get back on TV in some form in 2017. It really needs to unless the company wants to push the launch into next year pending product changes and improvements: Can a TripAdvisor TV Campaign Be a Game-Changer? Two Views

>>The market for software to tour merchants is fragmented without a single clear leader. Yet Peek now has an advantageous position, thanks to the acquisition of the assets of one of its chief rivals: Peek Acquires Zozi’s Assets in Further Consolidation of Tours and Activities Tech Sector

>>Did the U.S. Trivago Guy just get William Shatnered? Like Shatner for, actor Tim Williams, who had become omnipresent on TV in the U.S. for Trivago, has hardly been seen over the last couple of weeks. It’s good for brands to freshen things up and female empowerment ads are trending: Did the Trivago Guy Just Lose His TV Gig?

>>For online meeting space booking platforms like Bizly to be profitable, they have to offer both automated purchase capabilities and chat functionality with live venue staff to satisfy the demands of enterprise clients: Bizly Wants to Kill the Traditional Booking Process For Small Corporate Events

>>Companies can now expand their use of online platforms to book small meetings in creative venues, because they now have the ability to message venues directly in real-time and integrate compliance requirements: The Future of Online Bookings for Small Event Space — Meetings Innovation Report

>>General Catalyst and Accomplice, the famed venture capital firms, join us in seeing promise in Freebird, which gives corporate travel agencies superpowers when it comes to rebooking travelers: Flight Disruption Startup Freebird Snares Funding from General Catalyst and Accomplice

>>Given all the hype about messaging, it’s eye-opening that only one out of eight American travelers say they have electronically chatted with a travel brand: Travel Habits of Americans: 87 Percent Haven’t Yet Messaged With a Travel Brand

>>Even if its growth has slowed gradually, Uber still has a huge advantage over its rivals in corporate travel. Its global scale, as well, bodes well for Uber continuing to grow as an option for international business travelers: Uber’s Growth Is Stalling Among U.S. Business Travelers

>>Facebook is challenging online advertising heavyweight Google by offering innovative products that target travel brands (and other sectors). Expect the social network to seize some market share: Facebook and Google’s Travel Ad War — Digital Marketing News This Week

>>Long-promised improvements to airport security screening and rebooking in the event of flight disruption may finally be in the offing, thanks to follow-on rounds of fundings to the startups Clear and Freebird: Screening Company Clear Raises $15 Million: Travel Startup Funding This Week

>>Hafner reveals his admiration for new acquisition Momondo Group, expresses his bother at Trivago’s ad spend, and pooh-poohs Skyscanner’s analytics approach in a frank discussion that cut to the core of what makes metasearch different: Video: Kayak CEO Says He Wants to Give Consumers a Choice


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Photo credit: Kayak CEO Steve Hafner speaking with Skift's Dennis Schaal (R) at Skift Forum Europe in London on April 4, 2017. Skift

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