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If content marketing is all about storytelling, then "travel" should be about the easiest vertical to storytell around. That is, unless, you have every other destination, hotel, and airline telling the same story.

Today we are launching the latest report in our Skift Research Reports service, The State of Content Marketing in Travel 2017.

Content marketing has evolved from a novelty into the mainstream of the travel industry. Not only are more travel marketers creating content as part of their broader advertising strategies, they’re also spending more to produce it. But as more travel brands ramp up content marketing initiatives, there are challenges, including how to measure the ROI of such programs, dealing with influencers, and determining how to create content in a cost-efficient manner.

This report looks at the content strategies that are gaining traction with travel brands in 2017. Here is what you’ll learn:

  • Why is content marketing gaining popularity with marketers in contrast to more traditional forms of advertising?
  • Why does the growth of social media make content marketing more important than ever for travel brands?
  • What types of content should travel brands think about creating, and how should they create it?
  • What are the best ways for travel firms to partner with influencers on content creation?
  • How should travel marketers measure the ROI on content marketing campaigns?
  • How should travel brands think about localizing content for international audiences in regions like Asia-Pacific?

Changing consumer attitudes toward advertising, combined with the growing importance of social media, are forcing marketers to adapt to a new reality. For the travel industry, this means focusing on the creation and promotion of content, a discipline that is seeing huge increases in budgets, interest, and attention. Marketers say the inspirational appeal of such content, combined with its increased credibility, helps it succeed with travel customers.

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But what is it about content marketing that’s turned the format into such a dominant tool for travel marketers? One aspect of the rise of content-focused marketing is the credibility it gives brands with their consumer base. Rather than simply making an advertisement, which today’s media-savvy traveler quickly sees through, brands are realizing there’s an opportunity to operate more like “equals” with their customers by providing content that entertains, informs, and inspires rather than just hawks product.

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