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Travel management companies and providers of travel would do well to pay attention to the needs of supertravelers. Some aren't that difficult — and fulfilling those requests could go a long way to earning loyalty.

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We heard a lot this week about and from “supertravelers,” those road warriors who spend an inordinate amount of time in the air, on the road, and in hotels.

While our stories this week may not apply to all, we think there are common threads that travel companies would do well to heed, especially as the battle to win loyalty from high-spending customers persists.

Some of the requests are simple: less noise on planes, print newspapers in hotels, and more thoughtful in-flight entertainment options. And some are more complicated: easier loyalty points redemption, better digital and mobile tools for hotels, and improved infrastructure around major global airports.

No frequent traveler will ever be happy all the time, but making an effort to address even small needs could go a long way.

— Hannah Sampson, Skift


Best part of business travel is local beer. ‏‏‏@Jimalytics


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Safety and Security

Guns in Checked Luggage Become an Issue After Murder of Five People at Fort Lauderdale Airport: The recent mass shooting at Fort Lauderdale’s airport raises questions about the rules surrounding guns in checked luggage. But given inaction in the wake of other gun deaths, we have a hard time imagining anything will change. Read more at Skift

How Airport Security Could Change in the Wake of the Fort Lauderdale Shooting: In the short term, expect more police presence in public areas at airports. Debate about guns in checked bags and mandatory law enforcement presence in pre-security areas will likely follow — but may not amount to action. Read more at Condé Nast Traveler


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