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TripAdvisor's investment into Traxo isn't a huge surprise when you consider the challenge of itinerary management for consumer travel companies selling a variety of different products in one place.

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The Future of Corporate + Business Travel

For the last year as Skift has covered corporate travel, we’ve butted up against one clear fact time and time again: corporate travel needs to learn from the consumer space, particularly in the areas of user experience, branding, and technology.

But TripAdvisor’s investment in Traxo shows that elements of the corporate travel ecosystem can be valuable to consumer travel companies looking to improve their product.

In particular, TripAdvisor’s big goal of becoming a one-stop shop for travel advice and booking can be helped by more powerful technology surrounding itinerary management and user behavior. It also ties into a behavioral trend we’ve been following for years: traveler behavior is no longer siloed in leisure and corporate bookings, as the lines between the two types of trips blur more often than ever before.

Traxo itself entered the market geared toward consumers, but later pivoted to the business travel space.

“We make less of a distinction between corporate and leisure,” Traxo CEO Andres Fabris told Skift this week. “Travelers sometimes have their corporate persona on and sometimes they have their leisure persona on.”

Since online travel agencies now offer different trip elements, from flights to hotels and car rentals, in one place, itinerary management has become more important as trip complexity has increased.

“The point is, now, who needs that 360-degree view of the traveler?” asked Fabris in a telling March interview. “Well, a lot of people. The traveler wants it for themselves. The corporate travel manager does, and then some of the travel companies do as well.”

TripAdvisor, it seems, is one of these travel companies. Keep an eye on more consumer brands taking advantage of corporate travel innovation in the future.

— Andrew Sheivachman, Skift

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Photo credit: The problems facing online travel agencies and corporate travel managers sometime coincide, as TripAdvisor's investment in Traxo shows. Skift

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