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Millennials are a driving force in society, and business travel is no exception. We expect the corporate travel world to recognize the changes younger road warriors want to see and put them into practice — eventually.

The Skift Corporate Travel Innovation Report is our weekly newsletter focused on the future of corporate travel, the big fault lines of disruption for travel managers and buyers, the innovations emerging from the sector, and the changing business traveler habits that are upending how corporate travel is packaged, bought and sold.

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The Future of Corporate + Business Travel

Millennials get more than their share of attention in the news, and we’ll add to the coverage today with a story that we found eye-opening: Travelers in that age group took more business trips than their older colleagues in the last year.

According to the new Portrait of Business Travelers from MMGY Global, younger workers are bringing different attitudes to their travel. They don’t care much about loyalty programs, they worry about the impact of travel on their personal lives, they are interested in alternative accommodations such as Airbnb, and they prefer ridesharing options over taxis.

Those are attitudes and preferences that will only become more common — which means employers and travel management companies need to adapt sooner rather than later.

We also learned that the already uninspiring outlook for business travel spending in 2016 had been downgraded yet again. Turns out this uneasy year — with global security concerns, geopolitical instability, and an unprecedented U.S. election — is not inspiring businesses to send their workers on the road in greater numbers.

So when will things pick up? Will 2017 usher in an environment more encouraging for business travel? We’re as curious as you are.

— Hannah Sampson, Skift

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Business of Buying

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Corporate Earnings

InterContinental Hotels Tripped Up by Security Concerns and Low Oil Prices: Concerns about security, especially in Europe, continue to play on the minds of both business and leisure travellers. Still InterContinental’s CEO remains bullish, believing that the sector’s fundamentals “remain compelling.” Read more at Skift 

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Disruption + Innovation

Millennials Are Now the Most Frequent Business Travelers: Travel brands need to start paying attention to how younger travelers book travel, especially in business travel. Companies will have a new set of challenges to face, especially if airline or hotel loyalty programs and other perks are less important than local experiences or brand identity. Read more at Skift

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Video: Starwood’s Former CEO on Not Being Devoured by Disruption: Travel brands want to think they have a clear view of where competition is coming from, but it often takes distance to understand the true threats. Read more at Skift

What’s Behind JetBlue’s Investment in a Small Jet Airline?: JetBlue’s investment in JetSuiteX is probably not a game-changer. But it is unusual, and it will be interesting to see how the JetBlue/JetSuiteX partnership evolves. Read more at Skift


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