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Lots of "likes" and "shares" look good in a marketing campaign reports. But did they lead to meaningful actions by the audience? It's time for social media metrics to get more scrutiny from travel marketers.

This week we’re asking why social media users share content with their peers.

This question may seem deceptively simple. But for the countless travel brands trying to “crack the code” of how to make their followers share their content with friends, the answer is worth millions of dollars of free media exposure.

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As travel brands consider how to get more fans to share, it’s worth emphasizing that not all sharing is the same. Some social media users will share just about everything, while others are more calculating and meticulous in what they will share with peers. How can brands distinguish between these two groups? And why does it matter? Read on for more details and the rest of this week’s travel marketing news.

Not All Social Media Sharing is the Same According to New Study
Travel brands are always looking for ways to create social media content that inspires their followers to share with friends. But according to one recent opinion piece, not all shares are equal. Some social media users will share just about anything, while others are much more meticulous about what and why they’ll share. It’s this second group, argue the article’s authors, that travel brands should be targeting. Read more

Travel Brands Look for Ways to Build the Future of Personalized Marketing
The sources of travel inspiration these days aren’t always glossy magazines and guidebooks. Instead, more travelers are getting their inspiration from digital sources like Instagram, social media influencers and film locations. This inspiration shift is also inspiring renewed efforts by travel brands to make it easier for consumers to search and buy trips straight from sources like TV shows and social media. Read more

UK’s Thomas Cook Launches New Venture Aimed at Wealthy Chinese Travelers
English travel agency Thomas Cook is joining a growing range of travel brands with an eye on attracting Chinese consumers. The new agency, which was formed in partnership with local operator Fosun, is aimed at the wealthiest 20% of Chinese international travelers. Read more

Marriott Uses Tailgate Promotion to Announce Mobile On-Demand Service
Marriott recently rolled out a special football-themed promotion celebrating the launch of its new in-app mobile service request system. The initiative, called #appyourservice, encouraged fans at select NFL games tweet requests for tailgate supplies to the Marriott Rewards Twitter account, receiving instant deliveries from on-site runners. Read more

Visit Orlando Launches New Mobile App Featuring AI and Augmented Reality
The race to see which travel brand can build the “slickest” mobile app keeps getting more intense. Visit Orlando is the latest tourism board to launch a new mobile app, a service which utilizes IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence tech to create customized city recommendations for travelers. An additional augmented reality feature helps travelers learn more about the Orlando’s wealth of dining and entertainment options. Read more


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Photo credit: Getting social media users to share content is a key goal for many brands. But according to new research, sharing from some users is more valuable than others. Global Panorama / Flickr

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