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Proximity-based "beacon" technology is a transformative technology relatively few people know about. It's already revolutionizing the retail sector, and now airports are seeing the benefits too.

This week, we’re talking about beacons and airports.

While those with close knowledge of the retail world might already be familiar with this proximity marketing technology, many in the travel sphere are not. But it turns out beacons, which help marketers pinpoint the location of smartphone-using travelers and deliver content as they move through various real-world locations, are increasingly becoming a must-have tool for airports looking to improve passenger services.

A variety of airports, from Hong Kong to Frankfurt, Miami and beyond, are adopting beacon technology to provide their passengers with directions, real-time flight information (like gates and departure times) and customized marketing opportunities. What other airports are considering beacons? And how are they using them? Read on for more detail, and all of this week’s marketing news.

San Diego Airport Launches New Beacon-Powered Mobile App
San Diego Airport is joining the ranks of airports in Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Frankfurt and Miami in their deployment of beacons, offering a mobile app that provides passengers with airport directions, luggage alerts and real-time flight and gate information. As it turns out, the move toward beacons has particular relevance for airports looking to take their guest engagement to the next level. “Major airports will have to move to indoor location technologies over the next five years, it is just a case of when,” said Patrick Connolly, principal analyst at ABI Research. Read more

LAX Airport Focuses on Guest Experience with New Initiative
Los Angeles International Airport is in the midst of a major infrastructure renovation as the facility looks to modernize and upgrade for a new era of travel. This renovation has also driven the airport to rethink how it engages with passengers, with the organization launching a new series of guest-focused initiatives, including new automated passport control kiosks, guest surveys and staff training programs. Read more

LATAM Airlines Marketing Executive Talks Digital Strategy
While the LATAM Airlines brand might not be immediately familiar to some travelers, the company is actually the result of a merger between South America’s LAN and TAM Airlines in 2012. The company has recently begun unveiling its newly designed aircraft and airport branding, a process which should be complete by the end of 2016. LATAM’s Daniel Cardoso, head of ebusiness, recently shared his thoughts on the digital challenges of the merger as well as what role mobile plays in the company’s ecommerce strategy Read more

How Marriott is Adapting to the Needs of Today’s Digital Consumer
Another great interview to check out this week is with Marriott’s vice president of digital, Andy Kauffman. Kauffman recently sat down to talk about how the hospitality company has reorganized its marketing team to address the new digital behaviors of travelers, as well as provide some thoughts on how the company links the digital and physical worlds for guests. Read more

Pinterest Unveils New Digital Video Ads for Marketers
Travel marketers operating on Pinterest, take note. The company this week unveiled a new digital video advertising product, a feature which Pinterest hopes will help it make more money from high-spending advertisers like those in the travel industry. Read more


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Photo credit: More airports around the world are adopting beacon technology to better serve passengers and create new revenue opportunities. SITA

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