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Taking time off can be a business investment with proven results, such as increased creativity and productivity — so why do so many Americans struggle to take the vacation they’ve earned?

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In this special edition of the Skift podcast, we’re taking a look at why small business owners are especially susceptible to experiencing anxiety when considering taking a vacation, as well as some potential solutions.

This podcast is sponsored advertising content produced by SkiftX for the Marriott Rewards Premier Business Credit Card from Chase, introducing new benefits that make it even easier for small business owners to take a well-deserved break. All opinions expressed are the speakers’ own.

The average number of vacation days taken by U.S. workers continues to decline — and small business owners are no different. In a recent survey, it was revealed that despite knowing the importance and benefits of completely unplugging from work, only 25 percent of small business owners are actually able to do so. And, even then, nearly three-quarters worry about the work and responsibilities they’re missing during their time off.

Joining us on the podcast are Ida Kroll and Katie Denis. Kroll is an entrepreneur, world traveler, and founder and CEO of Eventland in New York City. Denis is senior program director of Project: Time Off, a U.S. Travel initiative, which aims to shift culture so that time off is not considered frivolous, but rather essential to improving personal health as well as a business investment with proven returns.

For this episode, SkiftX branded content director Kat Townsend sits alongside Skift research director Luke Bujarski.


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