Skift Podcast: Why Business Owners Struggle to Take Time Off

Taking time off can be a business investment with proven results, such as increased creativity and productivity — so why do so many Americans struggle to take the vacation they’ve earned?

Hilton Deepens Its Uber Relationship in New Loyalty Push

Hilton's experiment with the ride-sharing service finally offers a bit more than just reminding you to hail an Uber from the Hilton HHonors mobile app.

The Tiny Hilton Robot Concierge That Hints at IBM’s Ambitious Plans for Travel

Robots in hotels aren't a new phenomenon, but this is the first one to be powered by IBM's Watson.

Airlines Embrace Star Wars Droids, Hobbits and Batman to Capitalize on Hollywood Ties

While we it’s difficult to make a direct correlation between box-office popularity and airline tickets sold, film franchise brand partnerships contribute intangibles, by aligning the airline with the values of the movie’s characters and its fanbase.

Starwood Loyalty Program Gains Value While Others Drop Fast

Starwood's board booted its CEO because it wasn't happy with growth, but it has been one of the few travel brands building loyalty in a manner that competes across the industry.

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From Campaigns to Content: The Evolution of Hotel Marketing

There's a shift in the way smart hotels are marketing themselves. Big budget ads and single-track campaigns are being put on the back burner as marketers move towards personalization, continious conversations, and guest-centricity.

Free Webinar: How To Use Twitter To Increase Travel and Tourism

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Becoming Guest-Centric: Why Hotel Marketing Needs to Change

In order to stay competitive, hotels need to shift away from marketing that only highlights themselves and focus on strategies that put guests first.