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These are the aviation trends we were talking about this week.

weekly_trend_roundup.jpgEvery week we post hundreds of stories across various sectors in travel, connecting the dots across various global trends, and in these weekend posts we highlight the stories that tackle these trends. This one looks at top aviation trends.

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>>While some regular flyers will be upset, it was inevitable: American Airlines’ Joins Peers With Revenue-Based Loyalty Program — Skift Business Traveler

>>When Decolar approached local airlines to forge partnerships, the carriers just didn’t appreciate what the site was trying to do: Oral History of Online Travel: How Decolar Built an Online Booking Brand Offline

>>Few things annoy passengers as much as having no entertainment: Flying United? You’ll Finally Be Able to Watch Movies or TV on Every Flight

>>Building up an affiliate network became a great marketing tool for Travelstart in South Africa: Oral History of Online Travel: How Travelstart Taught South Africa’s Airlines About E-Commerce

>>Delta is among the most profitable airlines in the world, but even it is facing revenue challenges: Delta Air Lines Mulls How to Increase Revenues as Fuel Costs Rise

>>Both airlines feel this route is vital to their trans-Pacific ambitions: American and Delta Are Squabbling Over a New Los Angeles-Beijing Flight

>>Who needs influencers when word-of-mouth and your own passengers spread the good vibes? Skift CMO Interviews: JetBlue’s Biggest Challenge Is to Keep Being Cool

>>We won’t know for some time if this will stem the flow of passengers from United to American and Delta: United Launches New Premium Cabin Designs — Skift Business Traveler

>>How the ranks of AAdvantage members expand or contract largely depends on whether American can compete on product instead of loyalty: American Airlines Finalizes Revenue-Based Loyalty Program and New Elite Tier

>>With the sunrise of United’s Polaris service its first class is on the way out: United Is Getting Rid of First Class on Its International Flights

>>Flying to Europe from the east coast is almost always a pain, but Finnair may be the analgesic: The Finnish Solution to More Humane U.S.-to-Europe Airline Travel


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