Photos and videos about your destination are being created constantly and in greater numbers than ever before. The danger of not guiding this visual conversation is that review sites and content aggregators will guide it for you.  

Your focus as a marketer should be on exerting Visual Influence to tell your destination’s story. This level of control comes only from being a Visual Authority, when you’ve become the source of inspiration.  Here are 5 questions that can help you determine if you’re not the visual authority of your brand and a downloadable report of what you can do about it:

  1. Are you able to find authentic stories about your destination easily?
  2. Are you able to engage with content creators at scale, and encourage the production of the best possible content for your brand?
  3. Are you able to easily update your marketing channels with authentic visual content?
  4. Do people come to you for the best visual content about your destination?
  5. Are you able to get rights to the best visual content your audience is producing efficiently?

To learn more about becoming a visual authority, download CrowdRiff’s free report:
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