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Undaunted by global security concerns, international travel by U.S. citizens reached a record high in 2015, according to the National Travel & Tourism Office (NTTO).

Travel to Europe, the Caribbean and Asia was most popular outside of North America, while travel to the Middle East saw the greatest year-over-year increase in popularity.

Inside North America, travel to Mexico far exceeded travel to Canada by both air and ground transportation.

Africa was the only region to see negative growth, with travel dropping 2.1 percent over the year. Check out the chart below for further details.

RegionsTOTAL 2015 Travelers% CHANGE YOYMarket Share
South America1,869,4635.5%2.5%
Central America2,790,8653.5%3.8%
Middle East2,045,25114.9%2.8%
Total Overseas (2)32,789,3536.5%44.6%
Mexico (Total) (3)(P)28,195,3818.9%38.4%
Mexico (Air) (2)7,993,66515.3%(6)
Canada (Total) (4)12,468,3808.3%17.0%
Canada (Air) (4)3,633,0456.5%(6)
North America40,663,7618.7%55.4%
Grand Total73,453,1147.7%100.0%
Photo Credit: Flyers in Chicago. Anne Worner / Flickr